Our services include: personalized fitness programs to increase overall health, diet counseling and weight management. Weight-training, rehabilitation, and mobility.


Personal training

A one hour session consists of warm up, core routine, strength and endurance.  Goals and benchmarks are established to track client’s progress.  Clients are taught how to incorporate fitness and correct body mechanics into their everyday lives.  Nutrition is a constant topic and goals are re-evaluated.

Rehabilitation training

Many times after surgery or injury people find they have lost strength and become very weak at everyday tasks.  At Movin’ Weight we rehabilitate your injury, strengthen your weak areas and build your foundation.  Clients regain power and strength; many times becoming stronger then before the injury.

mobile training

For clients who are incapable of traveling to the gym due to health complications, Movin’ Weight offers a service where a trainer will travel to the their location for training sessions. Prices vary.

Olympic weights
row of rowing machines

Movin’ Weight Class Schedule

(Classes are 1 hour) 

Athletic conditioning: M, W - 6pm
Kickboxing: T, TH - 6pm