About Jordan

Jordan Pierce began her fitness path in 2007 as an overweight client herself.  Through years of learning about training and applying different elements of sports, rehabilitation and trial and error, Jordan has found a way to teach and lead people to healthier lifestyles. Jordan Pierce is a former bodybuilder, and CrossFit athlete.  Pierce also has been a personal trainer for 11 years, with satisfied clients that return time and time again.  Pierce has also participated in fire academies, is an EMT and has completed paramedic school.


Amber, 24 years old - 6 months

“I train with Jordan because she is patient and very supportive. She gives me the structure and accountability I need.  Every session she pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of.  Jordan is thorough and wants her clients to understand why we are doing specific movements and using certain equipment.  I would have given up on myself as I did many times before, if I didn’t have her support.  I can tell she cares and wants me to be healthy and succeed.  I am grateful to have an awesome trainer!”

Dominque, 26 years old - 6 months

“Jordan helped me realize that it’s not just about trying to lose weight but changing my lifestyle.  It sounds a bit cliché but it can really become a struggle trying to stay focus and dealing with what life throws at you.  But thanks to Jordan, I know that my mind and body will be healthy because she doesn’t let me make excuses, instead she gives me tools that I can use on a daily.  Never would I have thought that I would be doing any of the things that I do when I train with her. I am extremely blessed to have her in my life!”

Carl, 50 years old - 5 years

“Jordan makes each workout session with me so impactful. She teaches me proper weightlifting techniques for strength training and pushes me hard during my cardio exercises.  She preaches clean, lean and green nutrition, while providing guidance and encouragement.  She has helped me build an eye-catching lean look to define my muscles and cuts!  I’m looking forward to taking my workout sessions to the next level with Jordan.”

Fred, 75 years old - 6 years

“As a 75 year old retired healthcare professional and former competitive bodybuilder, I have worked with numerous personal trainers throughout my career, and Jordan Pierce is by far, one of the best and most knowledgeable trainers around. I recommend her to anyone looking to achieve health and fitness goals and change their lives for the better. Jordan helped me focus my activities so that I can set, work towards and ultimately meet and exceed my personal fitness goals. I appreciate Jordan’s comprehensive yet practical approach to, and knowledge of, overall health and well-being. I have worked with Jordan periodically for more than 6 years and I feel stronger, healthier and more balanced because of her firm yet compassionate guidance."

Regina, 45 years old - 2 years

“Jordan is not an ordinary trainer.  She creates an atmosphere of encouragement that has guided me to a better understanding of exercise, strength training, nutrition and clean living.  Thanks to her, I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been!”